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Regency New Boat Models

<h3>Welcome Aboard</h3>
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<p>Regency invites you to experience the newncy generation of luxury pontoon boats, each gracefully crafted to usher you and your crew through years of elegant outings.</p>
<p>Here, it’s as comfortable and convenient to take an early morning cruise with your significant other just to enjoy nature as it is to invite close friends out for a sunset dash to your favorite dockside bistro. </p>
<p>However you seek to enjoy the outdoors, the six-model lineup is ready to please. All offer an impressive array of standard features that seamlessly meld luxury, beauty, performance, comfort, convenience and peace of mind to offer discerning boaters a family of pontoons that are easy to own and enjoy with confidence.</p>
<p>Welcome aboard Regency — specially designed to help you unwind in style. A division of the Tracker Boats family </p>
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